We undertake game-changing research, planning and training in the disaster and climate change sphere...

As we work towards our vision of disaster-resilient and sustainable communities.


SEEDS Technical Services (STS) provides research, planning and training services in the fields of disaster management, climate change, urban planning and architecture. STS is a social business; a consulting firm that works with communities. Over the years, STS has worked with governments, private firms, multinational donors and national civil society organisations. Its portfolio consists of projects ranging from planning to actual implementation.



Our team and skill sets From highly qualified environmental scientists and structural engineers to disaster management specialists, architects and social scientists, the STS team brings together a wide range of backgrounds. » Participatory rapid appraisals
» Vulnerability assessments
» Rapid visual screening and non-destructive tests
» Needs assessments
» Development of educational and training material Our differentiating factors Right blend of theory and practical
Whether it is research, planning or training, our approach blends theoretical knowledge with practical ground actions. This allows for a holistic picture that is eminently implementable in a broader framework. Sensitive to cultural nuances
With our vast knowledge of the Asian region, our interventions are localised based on cultural and area-specific factors; offering contextualised solutions. Innovative methodologies and tools
Every project requires a different approach; and our broad range of methodologies and tools allows us to customise as needed. Build capacities, not just structures
The STS approach works on the ‘teach a man to fish’ principle. In every initiative, we aim to leave behind the skills that can spur replication.

» Contingency and disaster response planning

» Statistical surveys and data analysis

» Geographical information systems

» Land use and environmental planning

» Training




Methodologies for post-Phailin housing reconstruction in Coastal Odisha


Ahead of a World Bank-funded post-Phailin housing reconstruction project in Ganjam and Puri districts of Odisha, STS studied recent past experiences in this arena. This study aimed to offer safe and sustainable housing solutions. It identified suitable materials, designs and technologies that take into account the specific socio-economic, cultural, ecological and climatic contexts. The activities included a desk review of past housing reconstruction programmes to assess methodologies; field assessments in the target areas; and formulation of a reconstruction methodology, implementation arrangements and house design options.



Capacity building component of the National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Programme


Five natural hazards, four phases of the disaster cycle, four thematic areas and six pilot states. The National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project of the National Disaster Management Institute sought to assess the status of disaster management training at various levels and institutions in the country and create a capacity building strategy. Survey tools and methodologies were developed. The outputs included training modules, accreditation guidelines, institutional development plans and a national media strategy and journalist training.



Safer factories initiative in Bangladesh


In the wake of the Rana Plaza tragedy of April 2013 in Bangladesh, the dire need for safer factories was revealed. STS has been working with factories in Dhaka on structural, electrical and fire safety. We focus on the physical and functional integrity of factories in emergency conditions. The aim is to protect lives, ensure business continuity and build internal capacity for managing emergencies.



Ascertaining the structural safety of the ECHO Regional Support office


Entrusted with ascertaining the building safety of the South Asia Regional Support Office of European Commission Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection’s (ECHO) newly identified office building, a study was carried out in two phases. In the first phase, a preliminary assessment of the property was done based on verification of relevant documents and visual inspection of the building. In the second phase, comprehensive assessments were done through all necessary non-destructive structural tests and computer analyses. Weak spots and weak elements on the building were identified and strengthening measures were suggested.



Project Selamat


Post the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, this initiative addressed the vulnerability of coastal communities in South Asia. As part of Project Selamat, an initiative supported by UNISDR, STS undertook research of the coastal hazards. Community defences were built through local tools such as community-based warning systems and bioshields. Community capacity building was carried out through development of tool kits and

actions plans.



State and District Disaster Management Plans for Madhya Pradesh


A State Disaster Management Plan was developed for the state of Madhya Pradesh, India, based on detailed surveys and analysis. This was then localised down to the 50 districts of the state, ensuring that the local authorities could act according to their particular setting. Detailed discussion from an implementation perspective was also carried out with state and district government officials.



Compendium of green technologies for rural housing in Bihar


Over the years, major changes have been noticed in the rural landscape of Bihar and the rest of India; largely due to the changes in built form. There is a departure from traditional skills, techniques and local materials like earth and bamboo to mechanised processes and distant industrial materials like cement, steel and bricks. The need is for viable “green” alternatives. This compendium on green buildings attempts to address a built form and materials that would be more responsive to local conditions. It was developed for the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), India and Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO) Limited.



Urban climate change resilience


This project forms part of the ACCCRN project which is anchored with GEAG and is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. As part of the project, Climate Resilience Strategies were prepared for three cities in Eastern India. The strategy was done in partnership with civil society organisations. The cities include Basirhat, West Bengal; Jorhat, Assam; and Saharsa, Bihar. Orientation workshops have been held in Jorhat and Gorakhpur and the cities are engaged in preparing the strategy.



Evolving a strategy for capacity building of masons, carpenters and wire binders at Panchayat levels for safe construction in Himachal Pradesh


This study was undertaken to evolve a strategy to build the capacity of masons, carpenters and wire binders at Panchayat levels for safe construction in Himachal Pradesh. It was carried out under the UNDP-GoI Disaster Risk Reduction programme along with the Himachal Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority (HPSDMA). The study attempted to analyse the current scenario of building typologies in Himachal

Pradesh. The research was carried out under two broad heads: Content and Pedagogy and Market Linkages. The former included all aspects related to content, syllabus, teaching methodology and certification; while market linkages pertained to all issues related to mobilisation, recognition, employment and other environmental factors.



Global Open Learning Forum for Risk Education (GOLFRE)


The Global Open Learning Forum for Risk Education (GOLFRE) is a pedagogy that integrates knowledge from frontline workers and academic research. It aims to build knowledge resources and create human capital for an institutional approach to risk reduction. Modelled on the concept of `knowledge for all’, it uses case studies from frontline situations, experiences and simulations as a basis to explain broader concepts and theories.

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